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Camelot Castle on the Lake

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Huge deck with beautiful lake and conservation views
King Arthur's Court with huge 4 poster bed
Relax in the hot tub and take in the glorious views
Family room at Camelot Castle

Camelot Castle

Oyez! Oyez!  when only the best will do....Camelot Castle

Exclusive home backing onto a huge natural lake only 8 miles from Walt Disney World with the very best views in Central Florida.

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The opulent & Hi-Tech Lounge & Dining room at Camelot Castle

Relax, surf, Wii, read, dine ... You can do it all here

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The very large picture on the lounge wall is entitled Waterfall of Souls and depicts a place mentioned in the Arthurian Legend. It was painted for us by Ted Stourton, a renowned English artist, who is also the owner of the famous Camelot Castle Hotel in Tintagel,  England.


The Wedgwood plates on the wall tell the story of Arthur, his Life and his Court.


The lounge is at the front of Camelot Castle and contains two very comfortable 3 seat sofas plus a very large marble-topped coffee table and a matching sofa table with lamp.  A remote controlled ceiling fan with lights and dimmer has been installed to ensure your comfort.

The dining room joins onto the lounge and contains the large, cherry wood, highly polished, extendable Round Table with 8 matching chairs. 

Play Nintendo Wii here! It's great fun. Our system has 2 remotes and 2 nunchucks for multiplayer use. No need to worry about batteries running out on the handsets - there's a remote charger. Currently we have 14 games for you to test your skills and the 32" HDTV ensures that the graphics are extremely clear.

No need to bring your laptop because you can keep in touch with your email or just surf the net on our computer, complete with flat screen monitor and very high speed broadband. If you need to work on your own laptop then you'll want to take advantage of our wireless set up.